I Gave Up on My Dream — and I'm So Happy I Did

by Nora McInerny

Moving back to the Midwest after working in New York City was the best thing I've ever done.


Like so many girls of the Midwest, everything I knew about New York City before I moved there had been gleaned from three sources:

  1. The plotline of Felicity. (Get ready to have a bright, airy loft and have several very handsome boys fight over your attention. Also, once you arrive, you get a life-changing haircut!)
  2. The many, many plotlines of the Law & Order franchises. (Avoid rooftops and parks. Nothing — nothing — good will happen there.)
  3. A few high school trips where I did things that all the locals do: go to the Statue of Liberty, hang out at the top of the Empire State Building, hand out money to homeless people, and climb into strange vans in Chinatown because a man told me he had a Tommy Hilfiger bag to show me (hush, it was the millennium). 

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