The Best Thing That Happened When I Was Stalking My Ex-Boyfriend's Ex-Girlfriend

by Nora McInerny

On the other side of that boiling envy is someone who is basically just like you.

I wouldn't say I was obsessed with Karen — I just knew a lot about her, considering she was a total stranger. We hadn't met personally, but I knew I hated her. I also knew her eye color, her brother's name, the last vacation she took, the names of her college roommates, and where she graduated from college.

Most of my friendships don't start with this level of research, but then again, most of my friends weren't dating my ex-boyfriend when we met. Karen was my successor, the girl I thought about while running to Beyoncé's "Ring the Alarm," even though she had met Jacob months after we broke up, when he was totally fair, single, handsome game.