My Late Husband Had the Same Cancer as John McCain, and Health Insurance Was a Godsend

by Nora McInerny

Aaron's excellent insurance took a weight off our shoulders.

Aaron was 32 when they found it. Or, as the doctors said, when the tumor “presented itself,” pushing into his brain until it triggered a seizure at work, his body crumpling to the floor of his cubicle, his coworkers watching in horror. They didn't know that their carefree jokester of a colleague was being temporarily hijacked by a stage IV glioblastoma brain tumor.

Google glioblastoma at your own risk—it’ll just make you sad. But if it sounds familiar, that may be because on July 19, Senator John McCain's office announced that he, too, has a glioblastoma. It was discovered when he was in surgery to remove a blood clot, and he and his family are now "reviewing further treatment options," the statement says.