Ask Nora: How Can I Help My Teen Daughter Learn to Love Life Again?

by Nora McInerny

"Should you be in love with your life when all your friends ditch you at your most physically awkward and emotionally vulnerable?"

My daughter is having the worst time in high school. She's 15, and has lost a lot of friends this year. You've been through some hard stuff, but you love your life. How do I make her fall in love with her life again? Yes, she's in therapy.

Do you remember high school? I mean, really remember it, not just in a nostalgia-drenched longing for the days when you were rich in collagen and could look gorgeous and dewy even on three hours of sleep.

My own recollection was a little hazy, so I dipped back into my yearbooks and my diaries from age 15 and all I could think was HOLY CRAP WHY DIDN'T MY PARENTS PUT ME IN THERAPY? By the way, you are an excellent parent for making sure she has mental health care access. +5000 Parenting Points to you!